LoverDeluxe Records Licensing Tier Structure

Find a structure that matches your production

Tier 1

$10 Music Themes
  • Private Videos, Shorts & Student
  • Productions No Monetary income
  • 11 Intruments & up $400 minute
  • All is negotiable to meet
  • budgetary concerns

Tier 2

Licensing &
  • $20 non-exclusive licensing
  • for LDX licensing tracks
  • and or stems
  • Exclusive licensing also offered
  • Contact us


  • $150 Sound Design
  • $150 Hour Dialogue Editing
  • $150 Hour Audio Repair
  • $200 Hour Mixing
  • $250 Hour ADR
  • $250 Hour printmastering
  • $250 Hour for encoding Dolby or DTS

Do we provide contracts?

We can provide an initial contract to get the ball rolling. Send over to you to look over, negotiate, and sign electronically.

What kind of contracts do we provide?

We provide music contracts for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing along with work for hire. We can also provide contracts for our other sound services as well.

Is advanced payment needed?

Some services will require advanced payment. Dependant on the amount of application and time required for the project. We also offer "The Equation."

What is "The Equation"?

The Equation is a mathematical equation to encourage both parties to finish the project together. In the event either party walks away with a smaller payment required for fewer services rendered. It is as follows.

Are licenses available for LoverDeluxe Records releases?

Yes, we currently offer all of our releases for licensing. Only exclusive licensing will be available for our releases. Please contact us and see what we can work out for your project.

The Equation

The Equation offers the ability for either party to terminate the agreement for any reason with a sliding percentage partial pay from (70-100%).  Meaning, if the agreement was $100 per minute of music, if either side decided to terminate the agreement, we'd calculate the full amount and then do a partial payment using the following formula where M is Minutes of Music Completed and T is Total Minutes of Music for the whole project:$100 * M * (0.70 + ((M/T) * 0.30))So, if he created 10 Minutes of Music before terminating the agreement and the project called for 100 Minutes Total:
$100 * 10 * (0.70 + ((10 / 100) * 0.30)) = $1000 * 0.73 = $730 Basically, if the whole process becomes too much of an inconvenience for either side, we can walk away but there'd still be some sort of penalty for either of us.  The whole idea is to deter either side from wishing to terminate the agreement except as a last resort.

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Discover, and Paypal transfers and for some services checks. Please contact us with any questions in regards to payment. Payments Settings