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Build And Craft Visions

We here at LoverDeluxe Records tell the story ultimately through sound and song.  We push beyond that of basic construction and offer refined crafted artistry, that gives the visual story what it needs.


  • Consultation for feel and direction
  • Demo for tangible example of how a piece plays
  • Sound and Music Files delivered with video example for placement
  • Scoring done to scripts with consultation, if video file isn't available
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Have Discussions

Talk about what matters to your team and stay in the loop with comments and activity.

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Explore & Enjoy

We here at LoverDeluxe Records intend for our artistry to be enjoyed. So check us out for we offer in our universe of creativity.
  • Explore

    We encourage you to explore the site to check out the various kinds of work we've done.

  • Enjoy

    We also intend to bring art and creative endeavors for entertainment and enjoyment.

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Build your experience

No matter the story you are trying to tell or the type of backdrop for your presentation LoverDeluxe Records is here. LoverDeluxe Records is here to provide optimal excellence in sound to Build The Experience that you visualize.